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The term Vitrine refers to a place from which to expose and protect that which is carefully guarded. Faced with a global pandemic that posed improbable futures, we were born in July 2020 as a platform for the distribution and production of a cinema that we want to protect and share, extraordinary films that we are committed to accompany from the conception of the idea to their theatrical release. Vitrine Filmes is conceived as a project driven by the desire to bring to cinemas, museums, cultural centers and film libraries in different regions of Spain a curated panorama of contemporary international cinema and to share fascinating stories with their audiences. 

Our commitment to audiences and films translates into experiences that go beyond conventional premieres; we believe in the unique and unrepeatable character of the collective ritual of going to the movies and therefore we accompany the exhibitions with our own production materials that expand the universe of the film and complement it. From sound pieces commissioned to international filmmakers, to publications of exclusive interviews, soundtrack downloads, video essays and podcasts, Vitrine is committed to provide a personalized shelter for the projects according to the infinite possibilities offered by each work. The catalog is conceived as a combination of formats, styles and temporalities; we launch a plea in favor of those other durations -short and medium-length films- that remain on the margins of the exhibition circuits and that we believe it is essential to reintegrate. We also work to rediscover fundamental works from the history of cinema, thus stressing the importance of restoring films and re-releasing them in theaters. 

In addition to its recent opening in Spain, Vitrine Filmes has ten years of experience in Brazil, where it has released more than 150 titles, including the most outstanding Brazilian and international films. 

Silvia Cruz

Last productions


Director: Aitor Merino 100'

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Director: Andreas Fontana 100'

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Director: Tsai Ming-Liang 127'

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Director: Nicolás Pereda 70'

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This Rain Will Never Stop

Director: Alina Gorlova 102'

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Visión Nocturna

Director: Carolina Moscoso Briceño 80'

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Suk Suk

Director: Ray Yeung 92'

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Goodbye, Dragon Inn

Director: Tsai Ming-Liang 83'

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