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Abycine Lanza 2019-10-24 - 2019-10-30

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ABYCINE - ALBACETE FILM FESTIVAL, is an audiovisual event that aims to locate in the territory of La Mancha, a bold and dynamic audiovisual proposal and a space for reflection on the new trends, both thematic and stylistic, of cinema today. We focus preferably on our country but still attend to the international cultural context.

ABYCINE is part of the flow of border proposals in the field of audiovisual creation in its different formats (feature films, short films, video creation, spots, etc.), with other artistic disciplines such as music, contemporary art, literature or ephemeral architecture


The festival has as its priority attention the emergence of new digital technologies in the field of national independent production and, in panoramic, also in the international one. ABYCINE also supposes the claim of a space of contemporary young culture, a meeting point for young professionals in Spanish cinema, from a land and a population far away from the topics raised generations ago.