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Ventana Sur 2020-11-30 - 2020-12-04

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  • Among the most outstanding selections we find that of the director Alberto Vázquez and that of his latest work, ‘Unicorn Wars’, produced by Iván Miñambres, of UniKo Films, together with Abano Produciones, Autour de Minuit and Schmuby Productions. Vázquez's film was selected by the Annecy Animation Festival to participate in Animation! WIP, thus becoming the first European project to participate in this section.
  • Irati’, the new project by Paul Urkijo (Ikusgarri Films), will participate in the New Spanish Bloody Cinema Showcase section, organized by ICAA together with the Sitges Festival, Fantastic 7 and Blood Window from Ventana Sur.
  • Alava director Myriam Ballesteros has also been selected to participate in the Ventana Sur Festival, in the initiative New Spanish Animation! Showcase with the series ‘Masked Cinderella’, produced by Monto TV Iberoamérica and MB Producciones.
  • Market Screenings: there will be five Basque audiovisual works
    • Ane by David P. Sañudo (Amania Films)
    • Baby by Juanma Bajo Ulloa (Fragil Zinema)
    • Cholitas by Jaime Murciego (Arena Comunicación)
    • Nora by Lara Izagirre (Gariza Films)
    • The State against Pablo Ibar by Olmo Figueredo (Irusoin)