Feature film

Una ballena (A whale)


Original language: Spanish



When Ingrid pulls the trigger, her victims don’t know who has shot them. Her skill for infiltrating and disappearing without leaving any trace makes her a merciless contract killer. But that power comes from another world, a place inhabited by monstrous creatures, from which she emerges less human each time.

Ingrid gets a commission from Melville, a smuggler who uses the port to traffic in strange merchandise and who is about to lose everything. A powerful rival businessman has come to the city and is going to take control of the port. He lives entrenched in a building full of security guards and armed bodyguards. Killing him is a job that only Ingrid can do.

Everything changes when Melville discovers Ingrid’s secret: her mysterious connection with the sea and her true nature, which makes her into the most valuable merchandise of all.




Director: Pablo Hernando

Year: 2021

Available territories: Worldwide