Coproducing with basque country

General Data of our territory

  • POPULATION: 2.175.800
  • GDP  70.857.296 (2017)
  • GDP / Head  33.088 (2017)
  • Capital City   Vitoria-Gasteiz
  • Official language: Basque and Spanish.

Main priorities of our organization

The Department of Culture and Linguistic Policy of the Basque Government offers financial support for the script, project development, production and coproduction of Basque films.

Supports the exhibitors and promotion of the films through Zineuskadi association and films heritage with the Basque Archive (Euskadiko Filmategia).

Furthermore, represents Basque films abroad under the Basque Audiovisual umbrella thanks to the coordination between Etxepare Basque Insitute, Eiken Audiovisual Cluster and Zineuskadi.

General data / information on the audiovisual sector in our sphere of influence

  • Annual Budget (State Support) 2.920.000 €,
  • Number of productions    41        
  • Feature films: 5
  • Documentaries: 7
  • TV-movies: 0
  • Series: 1
  • Cinemas: 65
  • Digital screens: 56
  • Market share of European films: 35 %

Tax Rebates and Tax Credit for Foreign Films and TV Series

Tax Rebates for Foreign Films and TV Series

Deduction Percentage:

  • Araba: 20%
  • Bizkaia: 20%
  • Gipuzkoa: 20%

Deduction Base:

  • Expenses for creative staff (tax residence in Spain or in another European Union Member State) limited to €100,000 per person.
  • Expenses relating to technical industries and other suplies.

Requirements and limits:

  • The money spent in Spanish territory amount must be at least 1 million euros.
  • May not exceed 3 million euros per production carried out.
  • The amount of this deduction, together with the other aid received by the taxpayer, may not exceed the production cost.


  • The right to request the Tax Rebate belongs to the Line Service. The timing for this request is the following fiscal year to the year of shooting. That is, when the Line Service fulfill the company income tax applications form, (July).
  • The refund of the Tax Rebate should be within the next six months after the submission of the company income tax application form. If the is a delay, financial interest will accrued.
  • Tax Rebate could be financed by a Spanish Bank.

Tax Credit for Spanish productions and International coproductions

  • Deduction Percentage:
    • Araba: 30%*
    • Bizkaia: 30%
    • Gipuzkoa: 30%


  • Deduction Base:
    Total production + prints + marketing costs expend by
    the producer
  • Requirements & Limits
    • Application of deduction without quota limit. Except in Araba*, where the amount of this deduction may not exceed 3 million euros.
    • The amount of the deduction, together with the other aid received, may not exceed 50% of theproduction cost.
  • Coproductions: The amounts indicated in this section are determined for each coproducer according to their respective percentage of participation in each production.
  • Producers must be registered with the REC (Registro de Empresas Cinematográficas or Registry of Filmmaking Companies) of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. 
  • * 40% on those productions in Basque as original language and, at least, 50% of the deduction base will correspond to expenses incurred in the Territory of Araba.


San Sebastian Gipuzkoa Film Commission

Lorea Hernández
+34 943 48 28 00

Vitoria- Gasteiz Film Office

Ana Ruiz
+34 945 16 16 16 (Ext.4381)

Bilbao Bizkaia Film Commission

José Agustín Atxa
+34 944 205 397

Main lines of regional audiovisual support

Basque Government (Department of Culture and Linguistic Policy)

  • Support for audiovisual production of feature films (Fiction, documentary and animation) (28/06/2018 - 27/07/2018)
  • Support for audiovisual production of short films (28/06/2018 - 27/07/2018)
  • Support for development of single projects (31/05/2018-02/07/2018)
  • Support for script writing (01/06/2018-02/07/2018)


  • Support for promotion of feature films (Fiction, documentary and animation) (3/04/2018 – 4/05/2018)
  • Support for exhibition (26/06/2018 – 27/07/2018)
  • Support for dubbing of films to Basque Language (several deadlines)

Mobility Funds

Etxepare Basque Institute

  • Support for Festivals: Selected to participate in an official section of an International Film Festival. Traveling, accommodation and subsistence expenses.


  • Support for Markets: Aid to participate in an international audiovisual market. Traveling, accommodation and subsistence expenses.
  • Max: 1000 € per festival or market and 2250€ per year for each professional asking for the fund.


Basque Government (Department of Culture and Linguistic Policy)
  • Second trimester of the year
  • Promotion: April
  • Exhibition: June
Etxepare Basque Institute
  • June until septembre.


Basque Government (Department of Culture and Linguistic Policy)

Manu Galarraga
+34 945 01 69 41


Gurutze Peñalva
+34 943 28 74 06

Etxepare Basque Institute

Alex Aginagalde
+34 943 023 406