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Kimuak (‘sprout’ in Basque) is a distribution and promotion programme that selects the best from Basque short film scene to create an annual collection with the most talented, original and qualified proposals produced within the Basque Country.

For 23 years, Kimuak has been responsible for taking the selected shorts to various festivals and fairs around the world.

This programme, organized by Etxepare Basque Institute and managed by the Basque Film Archive, has the support of Zineuskadi to reinforce the internationalisation of Basque short film production.

Esther Cabero
+34 943 11 55 11

Last productions


Director: Tucker Dávila Wood 23'

More info about Barbudos


Director: Paul Urkijo Alijo 10'

More info about Dar-dar

Ehiza (Hunting)

Director: Hauazkena Taldea 5'

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El ruido solar (Solar Noise)

Director: Pablo Hernando 16'

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Interior Taxi Noche (Interior Taxi Night)

Director: Iban del Campo, Silvia Rey 15'

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Quebrantos (Breaches)

Director: Maria Elorza, Koldo Almandoz 7'

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Ya no duermo (I Don’t Sleep Anymore)

Director: Marina Palacio 22'

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Artiko (Arctic)

Director: Josu Venero, Jesus Mari Lazkano 17'

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El infierno (Hell)

Director: Raúl de la Fuente 23'

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Director: Jesus Mª Palacios 14'

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