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Spanish animation film director from an international background. She studied Fine Arts in Universidad del País Vasco, and continued her studies in Kunstakademie of Düsseldorf under video artist Nam Jung Paik, under whose tutelage she directed Spain Loves You (1987), internationally recognised. She later went on to complete a masters degree in Calarts, Los Angeles, the most prodigious school for animation in the US, where she directed Los Muertitos (1993), an animated short of the wall that divides Mexico and USA. In 1997, she founded her own studio Loko Pictures (1996-2004), where she went on to produce many advertisements as well as her own independent animation film The Balloon (2003).

In 2003 Isabel returns to Europe, where she becomes the director of Animac, International Animation Film Festival of Catalonia (2003-12) and the coordinator of Laboratorio de imágen en movimiento at Arteleku in San Sebastian (2003-14). She directs various animation shorts, like La gallina ciega (2005), Goya Award nominee, inspired on a book by Max Aub, Ámár (2010), Bajo la almohada (2012), Amore d’Inverno (2015) inspired on the Italian ballerina Ester Ferrero, and Kutxa Beltza inspired on a short story by Menchu Gutiérrez and premiered in the San Sebastian International Film Festival (2017). She produces Berbaoc (2007) and Sailor’s Grave (2014), both directed by a collective.

Her short films have been screened at the most important international animation festivals worldwide and her artistic work has been exhibited in many museums and institutions. Considered one of the women pioneers of independent animation in Spain, Isabel’s work is studied and cited in many national and international publications.

Isabel also holds professor tenures in National Institute of Design of Ahmedabad, India since 2005, China Central Academy of Fine Arts of Beijing since 2012, and since 2017 is professor of the animation department in Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln. She has hosted workshops and courses on animation at many schools and places around the globe like Ethiopia, China, Cuba, Australia, Korea, Colombia, Mexico and Italy, althought the place where she has most developed her work recently has been in India, from which the Sultana’s Dream project emerges, her first feature length film.

Diego Herguera

Last productions

Sultana's Dream

Director: Isabel Herguera 72'

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The illustrated woman

Director: Isabel Herguera 8'

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