Original language: Spanish

Subtitles: ENGLISH


Every year Fran spends nine months taking care of his flock of sheep in a small
town in the Ribera region of Navarre. He moves his flock through meadows and
recently-harvested fields, where the sheep eat the remnants. He dedicates his
limited free time to his lifelong passion: falconry, raising birds of prey and training
them to hunt for him. There are long stretches of days where he doesn’t interact
with anybody.
In June he joins up his flock with Domingo’s, another shepherd from a nearby
town, and together they herd over a thousand sheep up to the fresh meadows in
the Pyrenees, on the border with France. During the nine day journey, Fran tells
Domingo that he has doubts about continuing the transhumant life. Fran and
Domingo have been making this journey since they were teenagers, and while
Domingo has a family, Fran is alone. His own need for human contact takes a back seat to the wellbeing of his flock. Fran is seriously considering leaving the
transhumant life behind and instead working professionally in falconry. He’s
thinking that this may be his last time droving and that he’d sell his flock once
they’ve come back from the mountain. This terrifies Domingo, who tries to
convince Fran to stay. He suggests they move the sheep in a truck, like some are
doing in other places, but for Fran this is all the more reason to leave it altogether.
This year the weeks spent in the mountains and herding the flock back will be hard for both shepherds, as Fran worries about the future and Domingo deals with his fear of being left alone.



Director: Iban Ayesta

Year: 2021

Available territories: