Festival de San Sebastián

San Sebastian Festival
2023-09-22 / 2023-09-30



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San Sebastian Festival : BASQUE. AUDIOVISUAL. Presents


In the year 1905 the Bengali writer Rokeya Hossein dreamed of Ladyland, a utopic land governed by women. More than a century later, a young Spanish director, Ines decides to set off on a journey of self-discovery following the traces of Rokeya and looking for Ladyland.

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A group of libertarian militants spend a night in 1978 printing a leaflet. The agreement for the metal industry of the province of Gipuzkoa is about to be signed and they defend the need to continue the struggle. While writing and printing the leaflet, they reflect on personal relationships and speculate on communal living. The next day, in the entrance hall of the factory where they work, they join a workers' meeting and encourage their fellow workers to fight for better conditions. But the growing unionization of the workers' movement has taken away the influence they once had, moving their radical political project into irrelevance.

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Mamántula is the boy everyone wants, but also a giant spider transvestite of human, fruit of a brief encounter in the Berlin Tiergarten, in an alternate past of brutalist saunas, endless subway corridors and detectives with raincoats and hats. Each lover of Mamántula is a new victim of his insatiable appetite for revenge and sperm; and each victim, one more thread of the web with which he intends to apprehend the entire planet. Will Golden Dick be able to stop him? Will a couple of lovebirds with police badges get him? Or will the gay community have to step in and take the law into their own hands?

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Txomin, an unemployed archaeologist, is commissioned to carry out an expert report on Mars. With his brother Gene, they set off on an adventure through northern Spain. Gene's failing health and a mysteriously toxic haze cause them to seek help at their sister Mila. The reunion brings up old family issues while Gene's health gets severe.

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20,000 species of bees

An eight-year-old child struggles with the fact that people keep addressing her in confusing ways. During a summer at her grand aunt’s among the beehives, her life and her mother's will change forever.

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Basque women filmmakers both from the past and in the present are the protagonists of this immersion into cinema made by women. Three female divers guide us through the stories of their films, their vision, their dreams, their efforts to plough ahead and, above all, their contribution to cinema as a whole.

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In the mid-20th century, Jon Mirande proved with his prose that Basque was capable of producing cultured and universal literature. Everyone acknowledges his importance. Yet he remains a taboo subject. Mirande is said to be a racist. A paedophile. A Nazi. A misogynist. Immoral. Every time he is mentioned, controversies flare up. We don't know what to do about him. I want to make a film about Mirande. But I don't know how. Perhaps the most interesting thing to do would be to let him have his say.

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BIDASOA 2018-2023

The racist police control and closure of the border bridges of the Bidasoa river that France imposed in the summer of 2018, to prevent the entry of immigrants in transit to other European countries, has already caused 10 deaths.

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It is the 8th century and Charlemagne’s army is devastating the Pyrenees. In an attempt to challenge this onslaught, the highlander leader of the valley asks for help from the ancestral gods of his lands, whose disappearance, brought about by the arrival of Christianity, is inevitable. After swearing a blood oath, he manages to defeat the enemy in exchange for his life. But before his death, he makes his son, Eneko, promise that he will be a good leader for the valley. Years later, now a grown man of Christian faith, Eneko is preparing to fulfill his promise when, in strange circumstances, his father’s buried body and the treasure captured from the Franks disappears, casting serious doubts on his lineage. If Eneko is to fulfill his destiny, he will have to recover them and so he enlists the help of a young, local, pagan woman called Irati. The two of them will have to journey deep into a strange and inhospitable forest, where "everything that has a name is".

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Based on real-life personal experiences, Iratxe Fresneda takes us on a personal journey where past and present blend in a stunningly sensorial visual experience; from the calm shores of the Danube to the hectic life of Madrid, four interlaced stories converge and get lost in the mysteries of Tetuán.

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Isaías (40) was a promising architect. Now he spends his days between his architecture studio and the park outside the school, where his children play. Wherever he is, Isaías feels he is not where he should be. With his wife Ainhoa, he notices the passing of the years and how exhausting children can be. Isaías strikes up a friendship with Sonia, the mother of another child at school, who will show him that raising your children and entering adulthood is not so easy.

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A young couple – Elena from Barcelona and Diego, born in Caracas – arrive from Spain at JFK airport where they will enter the United States as immigrants. Just when they thought their process was complete and they’ve been approved, they unexpectedly learn they have to go through a final inspection. They will be forced to reveal secrets they have not yet shared, endangering their entry and leading them to question the nature of their own relationship.

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Summer, 1977. Bea is 16 years old and becomes inspired by the winds of change that are sweeping the country. She joins a group of women whose aim is to visibilize the feminist cause and to secure women's right to a legal abortion.

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