Katz Estudio

President: Ana Angulo Umaran - Itxaso Frau Terradillos

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  • - Ana Angulo Umaran
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Two young friends accompany two other friends on their first climb to the mountain, strengthening their bonds of friendship.

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The women’s choir to which Rita (90) belongs is in danger of breaking up because they’ve lost the municipal subsidy which allowed them to rent their rehearsal room. Now the choir has to decide whether or not to accept sponsorship by one of the companies causing most pollution in the valley, a sponsorship that would guarantee the choir’s existence.

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Ane and Andrea are in their bedroom having sex. Life goes on outside, but they have lost track of time: they talk, laugh, fuck, and sweat. It’s hot and they’re thirsty. Although they sometimes think they are thirsty, they want to seize their moment together and hug each other again, until their bodies can’t take it anymore and help arrives from outside to save them.

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Lucía and her friends are four teenagers. Today they have in their hands, by chance, some invitations to a party that will make them live a night that looks very exciting and magical. But far from that, destiny has prepared for Lucia something very different that will change her life. And that will allow us to make a reflection through her experience.

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