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Is the seed of happiness planted in childhood? The first years of our life, those that we do not remember, leave a deep mark on us. But is this footprint forever? Or does it evolve? This is a subjective and personal journey to that forgotten place; a journey from the mother I am now, to the baby I once was. The voice of a newborn being and that of a mother accompany us on the journey to that place long forgotten. Elements and landscapes of nature dialogue with the landscapes of the body and its traces. Other voices accompany us on this journey, those of scientists who investigate these footprints, and also the voices of other families. Science has insisted for decades on the importance of taking care of those early years for a favorable development. But how is this put into practice? In Donostia, families from the area go to the Hazi Hezi center. The narrator's mother was also there with her daughter when she was born. There, for 30 years, a group of professionals has accompanied families during pregnancy and raising their children. Excited and with the intention of improving the society of the future, they fight for an upbringing that respects the rhythms and development of children, which often collides with the rhythm and demands of today's society. And in addition, it opens up the opportunity for them to become aware of the limitations and shortcomings that they themselves carry. In an associative dialogue with the voice of the newborn, the voices of experts from different disciplines help us explore these traces of early childhood, as if they were detectives. Michel Odent, obstetrician and researcher, has spent decades researching the influence of the way of birth on the subsequent physical and mental health of the individual. The psychiatrist Rafael Benito studies how in the early years attachment relationships shape our brain. Laura Gutman, therapist and author, helps her clients reconnect with her early childhood so they can establish a healthier connection with themselves and their children. The psychologist José Luis Gonzalo will show us a technique called sandplay therapy to relive unconscious experiences. Ibone Olza, perinatal psychiatrist and early childhood rights activist, reflects on birth and motherhood. At the same time, this search will give the narrator mother the impetus to investigate her own story. All the voices we encounter on this journey are interwoven with the narrating voices of the mother and child. Questions will arise that do not have a single answer, inviting us to reflect on the adults of the future.

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