Señor y Señora

President: Leire Apellaniz y Aritz Moreno

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For the past three decades projectionist Miguel Ángel has been travelling all over Spain where he organises improvised open-air film screenings during the summer. This quirky man, whose two life passions are time-honoured 35mm film and the flamenco, has nevertheless been experiencing hard times in recent years. He has witnessed the decline of celluloid film, relentlessly driven out by digital formats. But the costs of new projection equipment, which offers an almost inhumanly perfect visual experience, are considerable; the economic crisis affecting Spain hasn’t helped, either. For Miguel Ángel’s travelling cinema the coming summer might well be the last. The debuting director recasts a very human story into a discourse on a profession in gradual decline. Her precisely composed observational documentary might also be taken as a more general belief that technical progress needn’t necessarily benefit society since it might cause us to lose sight of certain values.

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Juan is a mediator that struggled for peace between the ETA and the Spanish government. Roberto is the agent of the secret service who infiltrated his life for years. The Spy Within folloes the story of the director's father Juan and the man, Roberto, who spied on him - their friendship remained despite the betrayal. It also chronicles the filmmakers' relationship with Roberto and their struggle to understand who he really is.

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Jordi was born 51 years ago with cerebral palsy. Although he can’t speak, he tries to communicate using his letter chart. That’s how he tells Maider, the director of the film, that at the age of 21 he felt God talking to him for the first time. But today, now that he has moved out of his parent’s house into a home, he no longer feels God. Once a year, Jordi makes a pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, where he searches for his connection with God, despite not knowing if God will come back one day.

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After arriving home to find her husband completely crazy, the young literary editor Helga Pato is forced to put him into a psychiatric clinic in the north of the country. On the return train journey, a stranger, to help pass the time, suddenly asks her: “Would you like me to tell you about my life?” He is Ángel Sanagustín, a psychiatrist who Works in the clinic where Helga’s husband was admitted, and he is investigating the story of the worst clinical case he has ever come across, that of Martin Urales de Úbeda, an extremely dangerous paranoid, obsessed with, among other things, garbage. After finishing Martin´s story, Ángel says goodbye to Helga and disappears, but he has left behind a file full of stories. Helga is fascinated by them and decides to try to publish them. With this objective, Helga begins a search for Ángel. The problem is that she mistakes narrators with authors, and authors with characters.

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Niño de Elche is an artist. He is a singer-songwriter. He is an erudite. He is his parents' son. He is from Elche. He is all these things and none at the same time. “Cosmic Chant. Niño de Elche” is a multifaceted portrait through the gazes of those who surround, love and observe him and share his art. C. Tangana, Angélica Lidell, Pedro G. Romero, Raúl Cantizano, Israel Galván or Paqui and Aladino, his parents, are just some of the voices that together with Paco’s (Niño de Elche) build this open and almost cubist portrait of the most innovative new flamenco singer in Spain.

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In Laos a teenage Buddhist monk reads the Bardo Thödol to an old woman. It is a text that should be read to people before they die, as it serves as a guide for orientation in the afterlife. The old woman dies and we accompany her spirit on a spectral journey until she is reincarnated in her next body: a young goat from a coastal village in Tanzania, where he will grow up with a family of fishermen.

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When Ingrid pulls the trigger, her victims don’t know who has shot them. Her skill for infiltrating and disappearing without leaving any trace makes her a merciless contract killer. But that power comes from another world, a place inhabited by monstrous creatures, from which she emerges less human each time. Ingrid gets a commission from Melville, a smuggler who uses the port to traffic in strange merchandise and who is about to lose everything. A powerful rival businessman has come to the city and is going to take control of the port. He lives entrenched in a building full of security guards and armed bodyguards. Killing him is a job that only Ingrid can do. Everything changes when Melville discovers Ingrid’s secret: her mysterious connection with the sea and her true nature, which makes her into the most valuable merchandise of all.

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Eli is a fun-loving, sexual and rather cheeky woman, but she is also full of doubts and a bit broken. Eli and her baby daughter June spend the afternoon at the beach with her friends, who are almost family. Eli has become a single mother against her will. Having failed miserably in her relationship with her daughter's father and having to leave their home, Eli’s economy is in trouble. A colorful and summery story that portrays a young woman struggling to maintain her joy and dignity as everything around her is falling apart.

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Donostia, 1978. The workers of a factory are gathered in assembly to discuss a call for a strike that does not prosper. Disappointed, the most radical decide to leave the factory and join an isolated community in the mountains of Navarra.

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Mamántula is the boy everyone wants, but also a giant spider transvestite of human, fruit of a brief encounter in the Berlin Tiergarten, in an alternate past of brutalist saunas, endless subway corridors and detectives with raincoats and hats. Each lover of Mamántula is a new victim of his insatiable appetite for revenge and sperm; and each victim, one more thread of the web with which he intends to apprehend the entire planet. Will Golden Dick be able to stop him? Will a couple of lovebirds with police badges get him? Or will the gay community have to step in and take the law into their own hands?

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When Nicolas (Henry Golding) is invited to a clinical trial allowing participants to control their dreams, he takes the plunge in hopes of recovering from the tragic loss of his girlfriend, Daniela (Beatrice Grannò). But as his lucid dreams bring Daniela back to him, Nicolas becomes obsessed with the fantasy world that he's created and finds that his dreams aren’t as perfect as they seem.

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