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Lara returns from Paris with her partner, ready to settle in Donostia. Daniel has never left the city; He lives with his girlfriend and works for his mother's real estate company. Lara and Daniel's paths meet when visiting an apartment for sale, but this may not be the first time their lives have crossed. Between the past and the present, the story explores the love relationship of two people whose lives, in other circumstances, in other times, could have taken other paths.

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Diana is about to present her thesis on Artificial Intelligence. When Martin, her ex-boyfriend and father of their deceased son, invites her to spend a weekend in his lake house, her life changes drastically. The appearance of Andrea, a young boy with an undeniable resemblance with her deceased son, makes Diana suspect that Martin might have spent the last years creating a robot in order to replace their son.

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When the husband who abandoned her eight years ago reappears in her life in a catatonic state after suffering a stroke, Elena will have to reunite her family to face the new situation. But her children Paúl (an aspiring writer) and Lucía (a psychologist unable to deal with the emotional burden of her own life) are perhaps not the most suitable people to help her embark on her new life stage of self-discovery.

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Gloria is a teenage daughter of Colombian immigrants, born in Madrid, about to finish high school. In the abyss that is presented to her in this new stage of metamorphosis towards adult life, her doubts begin about who she is and who she wants to become. Always divided between two worlds, two cultures, two identities, she will end up accepting the two as one, and will end up becoming a new Gloria capable of taking over the world.

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Mid December. The funeral of some distant cousins, who died in strange circumstances, brings together all the Aguirre Ferlosios in the hometown of their parents. It is their first meeting since the separation of the marriage. Since the birthday of the family patriarch will be celebrated in a few days, everyone will decide to stay in the family villa. From there, everyone will share some intense days in terms of their relationships: jealousy, rumors and theories of communist plots.

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