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This is a story that traces the life of Germán over six years, the only boy left in a village of 29 inhabitants, lost in the centre of an almost empty region of Palencia, Spain, surrounded by endless flat fields. Meanwhile, the figure of 'S', a solitary 50-year-old man who always prowls around, as if he were a vulture, with his old motorbike and trailer, is a warning of what Germán's life could be like. A story that, however, is told in reverse, from the beginning of the protagonist's adolescence to his childhood, from the age of 12 to 7, showing a cinematographic journey where we see Germán becoming younger, until he is a child. And so, year by year, the children who once left the village appear. The first summer Germán is alone. In the second, Esther is still there and in the third, César has not left yet. And so in the last two years, Guillermo, Amira, Francisco and Ángel also appear. The boredom and the passing of a summer without experiences for Germán, the perception of his daily life almost as a confinement in an empty place, will disappear as the story progresses towards childhood. This inverse passing of time will give way to a carefree existence with his friends, they will feel the euphoria of being children, and the contradictions and problems of being children will also appear. In the infinite fields, they are still unaware of what the future holds for them and play will then be their only way of understanding life.

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Txomin, an unemployed archaeologist, is commissioned to carry out an expert report on Mars. With his brother Gene, they set off on an adventure through northern Spain. Gene's failing health and a mysteriously toxic haze cause them to seek help at their sister Mila. The reunion brings up old family issues while Gene's health gets severe.

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