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The women’s choir to which Rita (90) belongs is in danger of breaking up because they’ve lost the municipal subsidy which allowed them to rent their rehearsal room. Now the choir has to decide whether or not to accept sponsorship by one of the companies causing most pollution in the valley, a sponsorship that would guarantee the choir’s existence.

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Nora is 30 years old and lives with her Argentinian grandfather, Nicolas. But her life isn’t what she imagined. The death of her grandfather will leave her an old Dyane 6. Although she drives terribly, Nora will embark on an aimless road trip along the coast of the Basque Country, to end up carrying her grandfather's ashes next to her grandmother.

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Basque Country, 1609. The men of the region are at sea. Ana joins other girls from the village to dance in the woods. Judge Rostegui, given the task of purifying the region by the King, arrests the women and accuses them of witchcraft. He decides to do what it takes to make them confess what they know about the akelarre, a ceremony with magical connotations during which the Devil is said to initiate his servants and mate with them.

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June returns to her hometown after living abroad for a while, looking for a better opportunity. The return home will be painful because she will meet again with her family and Diego, her old love, who is an asocial writer who lives secluded in his house. Everyone has changed and reestablishing broken ties will not be easy, but together they will face disenchantment and lack of expectations, while their love story blossoms again.

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20,000 species of bees

An eight-year-old child struggles with the fact that people keep addressing her in confusing ways. During a summer at her grand aunt’s among the beehives, her life and her mother's will change forever.

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She is 36 year old woman at the peak of her career as a sculptor. The desire to become a mother bursts into her life so she starts a fight to achieve her desired biological motherhood. Failure in this endeavour will put her beliefs, her job, her partner and her happiness at risk and will entail a vital learning process in which she will have to let go of this desire to find herself again.

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And thus it will go on

This is a story that traces the life of Germán over six years. Germán is the only boy left in a village of 29 inhabitants, lost in the centre of an almost empty region of Palencia (Spain) surrounded by endless flat fields.

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