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Peio and his world

Peio (15), is the new promise of Basque skateboarding. The young man from Sopela has been practicing the sport for years, leaving everyone speechless at national and state level. A journey through his most recent history and his most memorable moments in the skate parks that are his second home: Mungia, Leioa, Sopela… Spectacular images of Peio on a board and four wheels.

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Carlota knows the world of surfing well, she has been in it for several years, but now it’s time to know who is behind the statal surfboard champion. The woman who could be the next reference for future generations tells her experience and her experiences in this short documentary to help those who come after her.

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Tito Nazaré

We travel to one of the most emblematic corners of the surfing world, Nazaré, to meet the basque surfer based there Tito Ortega. Together with his partner Toni Laureano, we get into the filming of part of his surfing season in Nazaré in 2021.

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Arcade, a short film by Igor Bellidosobre skater and surfer Yago Dominguez that had a great reception both at the Bilbao Surf Film Festival and FILMIN. Now it's available via streaming on YouTube, don't miss it!

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Live Tide

We follow the young Maria Martinez, a promising Basque surfer, to learn more about how she lives surfing and her goals and dreams.

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After a lifetime as a climbing and ice-climbing specialist, everything he has overcome will come in handy for Luismi to overcome a disease he is fighting every day.

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We follow Xabi Lopez, the young promise of Basque surfing, in his adventure to discover new waves and his limits as a surfer.

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Xabi Lopez embarks on this adventure with PRIMERAN to face the 12 most special waves on the planet. A chance to rediscover surfing and meet incredible stories and people in destinations we never imagined. Namibia, Portugal, Iceland, Morocco... and, of course, Euskal Herria! In addition to surfing the biggest, longest or farthest waves in the world, we will talk about sustainability, history, Basque, equality, analyzing the cultures and values that go along with surfing.

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