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When Ingrid pulls the trigger, her victims don’t know who has shot them. Her skill for infiltrating and disappearing without leaving any trace makes her a merciless contract killer. But that power comes from another world, a place inhabited by monstrous creatures, from which she emerges less human each time. Ingrid gets a commission from Melville, a smuggler who uses the port to traffic in strange merchandise and who is about to lose everything. A powerful rival businessman has come to the city and is going to take control of the port. He lives entrenched in a building full of security guards and armed bodyguards. Killing him is a job that only Ingrid can do. Everything changes when Melville discovers Ingrid’s secret: her mysterious connection with the sea and her true nature, which makes her into the most valuable merchandise of all.



Eli is a fun-loving, sexual and rather cheeky woman, but she is also full of doubts and a bit broken. Eli and her baby daughter June spend the afternoon at the beach with her friends, who are almost family. Eli has become a single mother against her will. Having failed miserably in her relationship with her daughter's father and having to leave their home, Eli’s economy is in trouble. A colorful and summery story that portrays a young woman struggling to maintain her joy and dignity as everything around her is falling apart.



Amalia, who has just become a mother, decides to return for guidance after her partner is temporarily away, to her parents' house along the Basque coast.





Hemen daude zure bilaketaren emaitzak. Eskerrik asko bilatzailea erabiltzeagatik. Nahi baduzu, beste ekoizpen batzuk bilatzen jarrai dezakezu.

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