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Eli is a fun-loving, sexual and rather cheeky woman, but she is also full of doubts and a bit broken. Eli and her baby daughter June spend the afternoon at the beach with her friends, who are almost family. Eli has become a single mother against her will. Having failed miserably in her relationship with her daughter's father and having to leave their home, Eli’s economy is in trouble. A colorful and summery story that portrays a young woman struggling to maintain her joy and dignity as everything around her is falling apart.



A summer day at the swimming pool of the village of Montánchez, Spain. From above, Our Lady of Consolation of the Castle keeps her watchful gaze.



While an ongoing investigation for the mysterious disappearance of a little girl is shaking the local community, José Manuel continues his daily routine. He works in his modest tapas bar, takes care of his mother and attends the weekly meetings of the ufology association Ovni-Levante, where he exchanges information about extraterrestrial messages and abductions with the rest of its devoted members. When their leader dies unexpectedly, José Manuel is the only person who knows the cosmic secret that could alter the future of humanity. Set against a colorful and radiant backdrop, The Sacred Spirit is an eerie and uncanny tale looking straight into the depths of human nature.



Three Doberman dogs are holding a group of young people inside of the pool of a luxury villa that they've snuck into in Mallorca. The dogs are waiting on the edge for when the kids dare to go out. Time is running out. One of the boys is injured with severe bites. Despite his cries, no one comes to help them: all the neighbors in the area are in the traditional paella with which they celebrate the beginning of summer in anearby farm. It's St. John's Eve. An auspicious day for the magic.



A group of libertarian militants spend a night in 1978 printing a leaflet. The agreement for the metal industry of the province of Gipuzkoa is about to be signed and they defend the need to continue the struggle. While writing and printing the leaflet, they reflect on personal relationships and speculate on communal living. The next day, in the entrance hall of the factory where they work, they join a workers' meeting and encourage their fellow workers to fight for better conditions. But the growing unionization of the workers' movement has taken away the influence they once had, moving their radical political project into irrelevance.



A professional driver investigates the disappearance of one of his clients. He is helped by his Italian teacher, a homeless real estate agent and an artist who uses stock images to paint ideas that she gets from her dreams. A silent comedy mystery about love, travel and the afterlife.



Mamántula is the boy everyone wants, but also a giant spider transvestite of human, fruit of a brief encounter in the Berlin Tiergarten, in an alternate past of brutalist saunas, endless subway corridors and detectives with raincoats and hats. Each lover of Mamántula is a new victim of his insatiable appetite for revenge and sperm; and each victim, one more thread of the web with which he intends to apprehend the entire planet. Will Golden Dick be able to stop him? Will a couple of lovebirds with police badges get him? Or will the gay community have to step in and take the law into their own hands?



The Virgin appeared to Sofia. Then she traveled to Lourdes and was cured of something incurable. In another time and place, a group of doctors meet to analyze her case. What happens when science and religion meet?



Donostia, 1978. The workers of a factory are gathered in assembly to discuss a call for a strike that does not prosper. Disappointed, the most radical decide to leave the factory and join an isolated community in the mountains of Navarra.



In Laos a teenage Buddhist monk reads the Bardo Thödol to an old woman. It is a text that should be read to people before they die, as it serves as a guide for orientation in the afterlife. The old woman dies and we accompany her spirit on a spectral journey until she is reincarnated in her next body: a young goat from a coastal village in Tanzania, where he will grow up with a family of fishermen.





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