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Karmele (Jone Laspiur) is a Basque nurse exiled to France towards the end of the thirties. There, she meets Txomin (Eneko Sagardoy), a master trumpeter, with whom she shares a love story and political commitment between Paris, Caracas and the Basque Country. Together, they build a family and seem to have a great mutual understanding; until the time comes to choose between loyalty to family or ideas.

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A woman was almost called ‘Avioneta’ (Small Airplane) at birth. Another had a library in the back seat of her car. Yet another fractures her finger with the rebel shelves of her bookshop. Lectors read to cigar makers while they work. Women remember poems while they iron. And to them all I sing. Standing against fire, water, moths, dust, ignorance and fanaticism, an anonymous female army looks after books. An intimate resistance, lacking epic events, revolution or weapons.

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On October 4th, 2007 Arantza, the director of the film, was detained and taken to prison. She remembers a few things about those days: endlessly walking around the prison exercise yard, swimming competitions, Rasha’s prison journey… After 918 nights locked up, Arantza is set free. From then onwards, she recorded her memories and doubts, which are heard throughout the documentary as a kind of fragmented memoir.

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A seafaring legend says that whoever tells the secrets of the sea on land, his mouth will be filled with sand, because the words brought to land always leave traces. Inspector Nerea García is sent to a small fishing village to investigate the disappearance of a skipper. She will soon realize that it is not a routine case and that nothing is what it seems. The past is always unpredictable.

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The storm breaks after a hard day's work in the fields. When the rain eases off life springs up from the previously barren land. Fruit grows and ripens, survives disease and becomes the apples which give life to cider. Then comes the time to harvest, offer toasts and celebrate love. A story about the cycle of life, the fight for survival. Where the passage of time is marked by the course of nature. And dance is the language chosen to tell its tale. Music accompanies daily routines: Life is rhythm! Universal themes, dressed here with a particular symbology. Symbology which shows the hypnotic universe of traditional dance. A poetic song to tradition, the land, its people, myths and customs. A tale about the miracle of existence.

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Khalil is a rootless young man who lives in the city’s margins, where industrial estates bank onto the river and the marsh. He survives as well as he can, spending his days with a poacher who shares a house on the riverbank with a brother he has not talked to for years. On the shores of the marsh the tides mark the time for love and indifference, friendship and revenge.

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We embark on a cruise and travel through a tale of ships, cinema, shipwrecks, ghosts, love, and vampires.

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The story of a family; the story of a conflict. The rural and the urban, the past and the present, parents and their offspring: opposing ways of life struggle against one another whilst, in eloquent silence, the grandmother — Amama — watches her family’s destiny unfold.

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- You really loved him? - Yes, I stopped loving him recently. (Interferences. Silences. Fissures. Two women talking. A radio-graphy).

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The Lighthouse on Santa Clara island, in Donostia-San Sebastian, had been vacant since 1968. Cristina Iglesias imagined transforming it into a sculpture. The work started in October 2019. 20 months later it had become "Hondalea".

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When you are the secular owner of a funeral home. When you fall in love with the new secretary, 25 years younger than you. When your ex-wife does all in her power to hinder you from seeing your daughter. When you lose your driver’s license because you drank too much. When a man in a black suit tells you stories about ducks. When a retired boxer who lent you money comes after you. When death is more interesting than life… What could go wrong?

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A solitary young man watches a married woman every day. He analyzes her routines, spies on her and, without being seen, disturbs the everyday of her husband. He decides to sneak into the couple`s house. There, he discovers that he and the woman have a shared passion, music. The woman and the young man travel together in the car and stay at the Pyramids Motel. There, they dance, talk, smoke and enjoy a concert very late that night. However, their trip ends before he would have wished.

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