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The women's wheelchair basketball team has, for the first time in history, the possibility of qualifying for the Paralympic Games. A gaze that could be that of one more player intimately portrays some athletes who grow physically and psychologically throughout an Olympic cycle until they achieve the historic classification for Tokyo 2020-1.

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Itoiz Summer Sessions

The discovery of some unpublished recordings leads Juan Carlos Pérez, leader of the iconic group ITOIZ, to ponder the dissolution of the band at the height of their success, after having adopted a more accessible pop style which he now disowns. Juan Carlos begins a cathartic journey to the essence of the band, reliving their beginnings in the 70s as a progressive rock group in Mutriku, in an attempt to reconcile with the past.

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Siblings Amaia and Aitor are close to turning fifty. They don't have children. Since they were young they have lived away from home and their parents Kontxi and Iñaki are now retired. One summer they get together on a cruise called FANTASIA. On the high seas time seems to stand still, but beyond the horizon reality forges ahead relentlessly.

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Somewhere in inland Spain, a shepherd dreams of visiting Lake Titicaca, a retired musical duo recall their golden age, two young sisters search for pokemons without any luck and an old man counts the empty houses of the village in order to fall asleep at night. With an observational tone and an almost surreal manner, INLAND proposes a sensorial trip through the empty territory of Spain.

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When a land is utterly changed, what possibilities for life remain? On the slopes of the Navarre Pyrenees, the construction of the Itoiz dam in the 1990s flooded seven villages and three nature reserves. A strip of bare land 592 metres above sea level today marks a dividing line in the valley: below that level, water; above it, life goes on.

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163 DAYS

In 1966, 800 workers from the Biscayan company ‘Laminación de Bandas en Frio' held the longest strike of Franco’s dictatorship. At a time of historic upheavals, growing working class organisation and anti-Franco sentiments, hundreds of families from Etxebarri, Basauri and Otxarkoaga began a battle that set an example for the entire labor movement that came after it.

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Asier and I grew up in the Basque Country. One day he disappeared and I found out he had joined ETA. How could I explain the reasons that led Asier to make a decision, which even I had trouble grasping?

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A man, a woman and their young daughter live together in an apartment in the Basque Country. Domestic chores and everyday gestures are superimposed onto lush, green landscapes. The filmmakers and their stand-ins reinterpret fragments of a diary. Music fills the house while children's drawings come to life. Combining quiet observation and moments of fantasy, 'In a Nearby Field' is a film about support, heredity and the invisible little labors which sustain us.

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Violeta, a young film director who once made a joyful lesbian porn movie with a group of friends, is hired to make a mainstream porn. Her ideas about gender systems - cinematographic and sexed - do not allow her to carry out the filming. From southern Buenos Aires, she leaves with her actresses for the warm Sao Paulo, finding new forms of storytelling along the way; mutating with her traveling companions.

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Emilia and Caterina write letters that they will never send, after a common adolescence spent in a girls' boarding school. The days passed monotonously and identically, except at night, when Emilia and Caterina met, far from the gaze of their companions and the surrounding world, to discover themselves in each other's bodies. The two women, now distant, imagine writing to each other to be honest, recover the past and reconcile with saying goodbye to that first love.

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